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Visual Architecture:
  • ​Core concept illustration (a comprehensive visual representation of your core idea(s)) 
  • Logo (derived from your core concept illustration – in a series of formats & file types)
  • Background texture (a patterned background built using elements of your core concept illustration)
  • Color palette 
  • Adobe font selection
Verbal Architecture: 
  • Name consultation
  • Core concept statement (a one sentence verbal summary of your core idea)
  • Core concept description (a paragraph length description of your core concept illustration)
Additional Material:
  • Branding guide -- a multi-page document that details how to use all of the above.
  • Creative Cloud Graphics Library (ready to use brand content and graphics in Adobe programs).
  • Powerpoint template 
  • Generic conference poster instructional template
  • Social media blast content
  • Social media profile icons
  • Choice of t-shirt, sticker, or business card design

Website Development:
We do not do web development at the moment, but can do web development consulting (ie. suggestions on how to use the architecture). You can give the branding guide document to a web developer (or whoever is making your website) to design a conceptually accurate, visually accessible, and aesthetically pleasing website that is on-brand.
Can I have just a logo?
We don't offer logos on their own without the core concept components of our IDEA DESIGN package. The creation of the core concept illustration is an essential part of our logo development process. We have found this to be particularly important in designing a 'brand' around ideas/concepts. However, if you are interested in the core concept illustration alone, we are open to discussion. 
This process takes ~2.5 months (excluding the time it takes to register as a vendor if you work within an institution - timing may vary). 
Book a Information / Quote Meeting:
If you like what you've seen so far and/or are curious to learn more details about our IDEA DESIGN process and pricing please complete our contact form. We look forward to connecting with you and your ideas!
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