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Welcome beyond the bounds  ideas inside out.

We are an IDEA DESIGN STUDIO working with thought leaders at top institutions to help them formalize their ideas. When we say formalize ideas we literally mean "find the form of" an idea by attempting to visualize it. We push ideas beyond verbal articulation and into a visual space so that they can take on a whole new landscape, not only in the mind of an audience, but also in the mind of the idea developer (ie. you). 

At Beyond Bounds Creative, a fully formalized idea is a symbiosis between a 
verbal architecture (ie. words, phrases, definitions, descriptions, etc.) and a visual architecture: 

Visual Architecture

[viZH(oo)əl · ˈɑːr.kə.tek.tʃɚ]

abstract noun

The structure of an idea captured in visual form. 

(e.g. using illustrations, graphics, images, pictures, symbols, icons, etc.)


Ultimately, our work is a blend of consulting, concept development, scientific illustration, marketing and graphic design. Think branding, but for concepts instead of for products or services. If you deal in ideas, and are looking to build and share concepts, then our IDEA DESIGN STUDIO might be the right place for you. 


with Beyond Bounds Creative
Dr. Ethan Kutlu
University of Iowa
Dr. Rachel Romeo
University of Maryland
Dr. Erik Nook
Princeton University
Dr. Lila Davachi
Columbia University
Dr. Ali Cohen
Emory University
Dr. Maya Rosen
Smith College
Dr. Jennie Grammer
Dr. Briana Boyd 
Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Claudia Lugo
Columbia University


We are a dynamic sister duo. We are artists, illustrators, designers, and scientists. But, mostly we are just obsessed with ideas, and how to get them out of one brain and into another.

Nessa Bryce, PhD Candidate

CEO & Creative Director


Cognitive Neuroscience PhD Candidate
Harvard University


Maggie Bryce, M.Sc.

COO & Head Designer


M.Sc. Reproductive and Sexual Health Research
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our work.

If you are interested in hearing more about our IDEA DESIGN process, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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